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HEPGAME and the Simplification of Expressions

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  • معلومة اضافية
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      Computer Science
    • Abstract:
      Advances in high energy physics have created the need to increase computational capacity. Project HEPGAME was composed to address this challenge. One of the issues is that numerical integration of expressions of current interest have millions of terms and takes weeks to compute. We have investigated ways to simplify these expressions, using Horner schemes and common subexpression elimination. Our approach applies MCTS, a search procedure that has been successful in AI. We use it to find near-optimal Horner schemes. Although MCTS finds better solutions, this approach gives rise to two further challenges. (1) MCTS (with UCT) introduces a constant, $C_p$ that governs the balance between exploration and exploitation. This constant has to be tuned manually. (2) There should be more guided exploration at the bottom of the tree, since the current approach reduces the quality of the solution towards the end of the expression. We investigate NMCS (Nested Monte Carlo Search) to address both issues, but find that NMCS is computationally unfeasible for our problem. Then, we modify the MCTS formula by introducing a dynamic exploration-exploitation parameter $T$ that decreases linearly with the iteration number. Consequently, we provide a performance analysis. We observe that a variable $C_p$ solves our domain: it yields more exploration at the bottom and as a result the tuning problem has been simplified. The region in $C_p$ for which good values are found is increased by more than a tenfold. This result encourages us to continue our research to solve other prominent problems in High Energy Physics.
      Comment: Keynote at the 11th International Workshop on Boolean Problems, Freiberg Germany
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