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Yield analysis of Hem-Fir (N) lamina for Japanese visual and machine grade standards

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  • معلومة اضافية
    • Contributors:
      David Barrett, J.; Lee, Jun-Jae; Oh, Jung-Kwon; Anastas, Hiba; Hong, Jung-Pyo
    • Publication Information:
      Springer-Verlag, 2014.
    • Publication Date:
    • Abstract:
      The grade yields of Hem-Fir (N) (Tsuga heterophylla and Abies amabilis) laminas were compared for visual and machine grades based on the Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) for glued laminated timber. The main objective of this study was to assess technical and material benefits when a glued laminated timber is manufactured using machine-graded laminas rather than visually graded. Total 1000 pieces of Hem-Fir (N) lamina were tested for modulus of elasticity (E) and tensile strength. Also, the E’s measured by two different test equipment (vibration and continuous bending) were compared. The test data showed that if the laminas were machine graded, 54 % of the lamina would achieve a modulus of elasticity of 12.5 GPa or higher, which are above the average 11 GPa assigned to JAS visual Grade 1 of the wood species group D. It was concluded that the machine grading method was able to derive higher mechanical properties leading to a yield benefit for the lamina production.
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